We don’t need to be experts to care for plants, learn tips and tricks with our constantly growing resources including a plant glossary, workshops, and DIY activities.

curated plants

We discourage you to just “buy plants” — let us guide you with a curated monthly selection of plants based on your needs or build a garden with our subscription service.

hands on support

We go where your plant app can’t. Sick plants, repotting services, or just a general check in. We support plant lovers in-home or online, with consultations to ensure that your are giving them the right care.

our subscriptions

Build your green jungle with ease.

This is not a just bundle plant and pot package, each delivery is curated to help you grow.

Includes 3-5 plants and accessories every weeks with the random option of plant, tools or plant accessories.

Curated for the beginner and seasoned indoor gardener looking to build a collection or fill a new home consciously (Plants can be delivered with or without pots).

One step at a time.

Get to know your plants, accessories, and materials to help your plants grow.

Includes 2-3 plants, accessories and/or tools a month curated for those who want to learn more about plants, and how to work with them, care for them, and learn about materials available for longevity.

what others say

Working with the team here is an amazing experience, utilising plant coaching is a great addition to my plant journey.

Liz C.


Plant curation in store and online, its a gift that keeps on giving, now I always get the right plants for me.

Nora North


I love plants, but sometimes we can all use some help, over the past two years I have used Planthood for styling, pest treatment, and repotting! My green babies are thriving!

Miles Mill