CalsiMag Leaf Spray

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This 100% natural plant spray is composed of the purest sources of Calcium, Magnesium and Silicon from micronised algae rock. By a unique process we were able to make the ingredients extremely fine in structure, measuring only 7 microns in size. The small particles are positively charged and can be quickly and easily absorbed by the negatively charged leaf tissue of the plant.

Calcium takes care of the plant cell structure and Magnesium is the main power behind Chlorophyll production. Silicon provides a strengthening of the cell walls making it a stronger plant which is less susceptible to pests, bugs and other undesirables.

Instructions for use: Shake very well before use!
Cellmax CalSiMag works best by spraying once every three weeks on the leaves from above and below. In case of severe deficiencies, dose once every 10-15 days. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.


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