Activated Carbon 3L

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About the Activated carbon | 3L

Activated carbon pellets (also known as activated charcoal) filters out any harmful chemicals, metals, mold and other nasty things you don’t want in your terrarium or houseplant soil. Add it just above the drainage layer of your terrarium or mix it into your plant soil to filter out the bad stuff.

The carbon also works great in aquarium filtration. They come in convenient and resealable bags.

  Mold will be a thing of the past
  Odor prevention
  100x surface area compared charcoal

One main benefit is the reduction of nasty smells, this works for both plants, terrariums & aquariums.

The benefits for plants
By adding activated carbon in the soil you are protecting the root system against possible pests & molds. While it isn’t a 100% protection, it does offer an extra safety barrier. It also creates a more gritty & airy texture preventing too much moisture in the soil.

The benefits for terrariums
In terrariums we add activated carbon both in the soil mix and the drainage layer, this way the water is being pushed through the charcoal every “cycle”, maximizing its effects. We have done many tests on identical terrariums with the only difference being the addition of carbon, and the reduction of mold growth is amazing.

What makes carbon “activated?”
By treating regular carbon/charcoal with high temperatures, they expand. This creates lots of tiny air pockets. These pockets create the basis for the adsorption potential of the carbon, making it about 100x more effective (more surface area) than regular charcoal.


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