Coco Coir 3L

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About the Coco Coir | 3L

Coco coir is a great base to any soil mix, and has earned itself a spot in all of our SYBASoil mixes. It holds moisture well without becoming too wet and will increase aeration because of its structure.

Our coco coir is ready to use and comes in convenient bags, unlike most coco blocks which have to be hydrated and kneaded by hand before being usable.

   Ecological choice compared to peat moss
   Combination of drainage AND water retention
   Perfect for propagation

Coco coir v.s. peat moss
While coco coir and peat moss share many of the same characteristics. Peat is not a sustainable resource and lots of CO2 is released by extracting it from the land. The coir is harvested from the shell of coconuts and is a waste product from other industries like the food branch. By utilizing this waste stream we are not only preventing unnecessary carbon emission from harvesting peat, we are also using waste products.

Coco coir, also known as coco fibre, usually has to be buffered before use. This means it has to be placed in a buffer solution to remove salt-buildup naturally present in coconut husk. This process has already been done for you so you use the coir immediately on arrival.


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