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We have a range of pre-mixed soil from Sybotanica, which specialise in sustainable soil mixes and components.

Aroid Soil 

This aroid mix contains everything your aroid could be asking for. It is best suited to Philodendrons, Pothos & Monstera’s. Aroids require a special mix and usually won’t fare well in a regular potting soil found at a garden center. Mixing your own takes time and you will have left over materials. 

With years of experience in caring for these aroids Sybotanica has come up with the best formula. The aroid soil contains lot’s of worm castings, which add to the richness of the mix. The aroid mix allows the larger aroid roots to access the oxygen they need to grow big and healthy, it does this by having a larger quantity of perlite and coco husk. 

Calathea + Maranta Soil 

This blend contains everything prayer plant could be asking for. We all know the struggle of Calathea’s en Maranta’s leaves furling in and getting crispy edges. No more with this premium mix! The activated carbon will turn any chemicals harmless for your beloved plant. As the Maranta and Calathea have become a staple in the houseplant hobby, we felt like this mix couldn’t be left out. This mix stays moist longer because of the added vermiculite and coco coir/perlite ratio, giving you more leeway with watering your prayer plants.

Hoya Soil

This blend contains everything your Hoya could be asking for. The added activated carbon helps prevent root-rot related issues. There is lot’s of orchid bark & coco husk to support space & aeration for the larger roots. The mix drains relatively quick as Hoyas prefer to be left to dry between watering. The activated carbon prevents root rot and other mold related issues. 

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Hoya Mix, Aroid Mix, Calathea Mix, Cacti Mix


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