Terra Candle (Asigiri)

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What better way to lift your spirit than with a candle. The Very Good Candle Company vegan and non toxic candles in terra are not just for sniffs, each planter can be reused as a planter when burned out. We recommend reusing with sphagnum moss or LECA.

Inspired by the Asagiri Jam Festival, held on the foothills of Mount Fuji, Japan. Earthy and lemon-like aromas of Hinoki wood, herbal and minty rosemary, tranquil rosewood, spicy bite of ginger, mild citrusy mandarin and fresh basil, soothing notes of Asagiri will take you to a green ride.

Top: Rosemary, Mandarin
Heart: Hinoki, Rosewood
Base: Ginger, Basil


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