We curate botanical experiences for individuals, private groups, and team building events.

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Our Workshops

Repotting 101

Our most popular workshop! Learn about the basics of plant care and how to repot your plants at home. Each participant takes home a new plant and pot.

Staghorn Mounting

Epiphytes are a fun way to learn how to go “out of the pot” with your plants. Mount ferns and other plants and allow them to mimic their natural environment.

Houseplant 101

This workshop is designed for everyone in different stages of their plant care journey. This seasonal workshop covers an array of topics from A to Z.

Cut + grow

Making plant cuttings is a fun way to duplicate and share your plants. In this workshop, learn to make and grow different cuttings of diverse plants.


Kokedama is a style of Japanese bonsai that takes your everyday plants and turn them into botanical art with moss, twine, and creativity. Prepare to get your hands dirty!

Floral design

Ever wanted to make your own floral arrangement for your home or dinner party? This seasonal workshop is great for learning tips and tricks to long lasting bouquets.